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Keltis: Das Orakel

A stand-alone Keltis board game with a spiral path. Play will be familiar to Keltis players, but very, very different and exciting!

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Keltis: Das Orakel (Keltis: The Oracle) is the second stand-alone big box Keltis game. Keltis: Das Orakel plays on a single-track spiraled gameboard, on which lie differently colored stones. This re-development of Keltis has new rules that open entirely new options of strategy: big leaps with the aid of golden-colored clover tiles, repositioning a pawn any distance by collecting spiral tiles thus being able to gather more wishing stones, and also the new clover-leaf tiles and Oracle tiles, which allow for more point bonuses.

Game Play
Players can move any of their three pawns on their turn. While this provides a lot of  flexibility, it also requires more planning.

You have a choice: take large jumps around the spiral path in order to reach the Oracle area quickly. The more pawns you get there, the more points you get. Or do you take many small steps to collect wishing stones and other valuable items along the way - including mirrors that can multiply scores (negative or positive) your wishing stone score, gather all your pawns together with one or more leprechauns or move the oracle priestess to encounter one of your pawns to score extra points.

Don't lose sight of what the other players are up to though, or the game could be over faster than you would like!

Keltis: Das Orakel is a member of the Keltis family of games. The play will be familiar to Keltis players, but also feel very different.

Contents: 1 game board, 110 cards (2 sets of 0 to 10 in five colours), 12 pawns (3 in each of 4 player colours), 4 scoring stones, 1 oracle priestess, 39 way tiles (9 wishing stones, 3 mirrors, 3 spirals, 3 leprechauns, 5 coloured clovers, 16 point tiles), 4 large clovers (1 in each of 4 player colours), 1 set of rules in German. An English translation will also be provided.

Note: This board game is imported from Germany. It is not widely available in the United States.

  • Binding: Box
  • Condition: New
  • Demo Available: Yes
  • Designer: Knizia, Reiner
  • Illustrator: Claus Stephan and Martin Hoffman
  • Mechanics: hand management, set collection, card drafting, Lost Cities, Keltis, imported
  • Number of Players: 2 to 4
  • Playing Time: 45 minutes
  • Publisher: Kosmos
  • Suggested Ages: 10 and up
  • Year Published: 2010


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